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It can be a little daunting to get your first synthetic oil change, with so many myths and rumors about synthetic oil you might've hear. You might be unsure if it's the right choice. VipaSynthetics  believes that a synthetic oil change is a good idea, which is why they bring you this post about those stories you shouldn't trust about synthetic oil

Getting a Synthetic Oil Change is Not Worth The Price

Investing in an AMSOIL synthetic oil change is not worth paying more than you would for conventional oil. Synthetic oil is more expensive, but paying those extra bucks brings you more benefits in the long run. Gas Mileage: You won’t be seeing this change right away, but you will eventually. Synthetic oil does a better job at reducing the friction created between different parts of the engine. When the engine is well lubricated it doesn’t work as hard, which in turn burns off less gasoline. Oil Change Frequency: Synthetic oil can last for more miles than conventional oil before a change is necessary. You will be saving some money by getting less frequent synthetic oil changes. Performance: You’ll notice your car will be performing better once you make the switch to synthetic oil. It does a better job working under extreme conditions, because it doesn’t break down as easy.

Changing From Conventional Oil to Synthetic Oil Means You’re Stuck

This is a very common and completely false myth. In many cases conventional oil and synthetic oil are blended. There is no actual reason why you can’t go back to conventional oil after you’ve used synthetic oil. The important thing about oil is that it meets the viscosity and service requirements established by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual. Go ahead and change the oil in you motorcycle, boat or car, and change it back again as many times you want.

Warranties Are Voided by Synthetic Oil

Some cars come with synthetic oil and many manufacturers promote its use, it makes no sense that a synthetic oil change would make your warranty void. Again, it’s important that synthetic oil or conventional oil meet the manufacturer’s requirements, AMSOIL synthetic oil certainly does.

My Engine Will Leak if I Use Synthetic Oil

The molecules in synthetic oil are much smaller which means they can pass through holes way more easily than conventional oil would. If you recently got a synthetic oil change and you notice your engine started leaking, then the crack was already there and conventional oil was too thick to go through there, contrary to synthetic oil. The oil won’t create a leak, but it will find the damaged seal or gasket.

I Don’t Need to Change My Oil If I Have Synthetic Oil

As we mentioned before, you won’t have to change your motorcycle’s or any other type of vehicle’s synthetic oil as often as you would conventional oil, but you still have to do it. After some time any type of oil will stop doing its job properly and your engine won’t be protected. Your owner’s manual is there for a reason, to help you in keeping you vehicle in top shape. You do need to get that AMSOIL synthetic oil change, it will just be a longer time before each scheduled change. If it’s time to get a synthetic oil change, VipaSynthetics has the AMSOIL synthetic oil you need. You can call them at: (718) 948-6384 if you have any questions of which car, motorcycle, boat oil you need.

I Don’t Need to Get My Filter Changed If I Get a Synthetic Oil Change

It’s not an obligation to get both your filter and synthetic oil change at the same time, but it would be the best way to go. Your filter is already full of contaminants which will seep into the new synthetic oil. If you want to fresh oil to work as it should you better get the filter replaced too, this is no time to recycle.

There’s Nothing Natural About Synthetic Oil

Just because it’s called synthetic it doesn’t mean it is man-made. Yes, it does come partly from a lab, but only because it’s treated for a very strict purifying process. Synthetic oil comes from natural oil, just like conventional oil does.

For Your Synthetic Oil Needs

Call VipaSynthetics if you think is time for your motorcycle, car or boat to get a synthetic oil change. Their number is: (718) 948-6384 and you can call them if you have any AMSOIL synthetic oil questions or if you want to make a purchase.



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