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If you were to gather all of the receipts you receive from your regular visits to the mechanic then you are likely to see one recurring charge - a synthetic oil change. While you’re sure it’s essential, do you really know why? In this article you will learn about the basic of how an engine works...
Take advantage of the cold weather by giving your boat some well deserved maintenance. This article includes tips on how to keep your boat in good shape and ready for the new season. Suffice to say that the weather isn't what boat enthusiasts would refer to as 'ideal conditions.' In fact, it's...
Whether you chose to learn on a dirt bike or a road bike, the decision you made gave you a type of motoring freedom which car owners rarely feel. However, if you chose to first ride a road bike, you may be feeling that your freedom is becoming limited to sealed roads, and you are yearning for...
Whether it's airbags around the entire car or automated technology that changes lanes and parks for you; If you have watched a car commercial recently then you have likely seen a million and one safety features listed off quicker than you can keep up! Motorcycles, however, are a different...

Wheel Alignment - Jargon Debunked

Most car-lovers enjoy taking car-maintenance into their own hands. In the last few months, we’ve talked you through how to undertake many aspects of basic maintenance at home - from changing your oil, to understanding your hazard lights, to adjusting fluid...
It can be a little daunting to get your first synthetic oil change, with so many myths and rumors about synthetic oil you might've hear. You might be unsure if it's the right choice. VipaSynthetics  believes that a synthetic oil change is a good idea, which is why they bring you this...
The air filter is a vital part for your engine's function. It keeps the dirt and debris out of the engine and lets the air flow in freely. Just like getting a synthetic oil change in Staten Island, the air filter should be changed with a certain frequency. Today, Vipa Synthetics in Staten...
Replacing the oil in your vehicle is a crucial maintenance task that you need to see through if you want a healthy and strong engine for longer. Continue reading this post so you know exactly when you should provide this service for your engine.

How to Tell if You Need a Synthetic Oil Change in...


Checking Your Car's Fluid Levels

The best way to optimize your car’s lifetime and performance is by performing regular maintenance on all its components. Most of us know to check our tire thread, maintain correct tire pressure and conduct basic maintenance tasks such as these. But there are many...

Reduce Your Maintenance Costs by Giving Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change

Of all the fluids that operate inside your engine, motor oil is the one most responsible for the smooth and safe operation. Its purpose is to lubricate the small, metal components in the motor and works to combat friction. In...


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