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Summer Travel Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

The time of year we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – summer!! And that means vacations! Perhaps you’re planning on visit relatives in another state; maybe you spend your summers at the beach house, or perhaps you and some friends are getting...

Don't Let Your Motorcycle Overheat This Summer!

With summer just around the corner and temperatures rising, it’s great to get out on the open road and enjoy the warmer weather on your motorcycle. However, this warmer weather can be damaging to your bike’s engine and can even cause it to overheat....

Tips to Stay Safe and Sane During a Long-Haul Drive

If you're used to flying to your vacation destinations, however, are looking to save some money and hassle, driving to a closer destination can be a great way to do it. What many travelers in a similar position find, however, is that they often...

Get the Most out of Your Dollar With These Tips for Buying a Well Suited Used Car

If you've just started to think about the purchase of a used car or you're doing the research now and looking for additional pieces of information to help your decision, then Amsoil Dealer - VipaSynthetics has a...

What Are the Damages That Extreme Temperatures Can Cause and How Can a Synthetic Oil Change in Staten Island Help?

From the moment you’re old enough to get your licence, right through to the moment you get your first car, the one thing that everybody keeps telling you is to do everything that you...

Get the Most Our of Your Sports Car With a Full Synthetic Oil Change in Brooklyn

Choosing the right car for you can come to a multitude of reasons and decisions. How many doors do you want or need? What kind of driving are you going to be doing? How many people will you need to fit in, whether it...

Giving Your Marine Equipment a Synthetic Oil Change

Getting in the car and going for a drive or jumping on a motorbike and heading out on a trail are both great ways to seek adventure, but for some, the water holds more appeal than the road. Whether it be fishing with your friends, taking...
Synthetic oil is something that all motor enthusiasts know about, but for the regular folks, it might seem confusing - especially for those who grew up only knowing conventional oil. It's true that conventional oil was one able to service basic older engines, however as your car's engine came...

How to Change the Synthetic Oil in Your Vehicle Expertly

Think you know all about how to change your oil? Perhaps you do, but here are some tricks of the trade from professional mechanics that will make your job a bit easier and safer. Continue reading the ones mentioned below so you can perform...

What to Pack When Sailing

There's nothing more peaceful and fun than taking your boat out on the bay and making a day out of it. However, that peace can easily go away if something malfunctions or a mishap occurs. If you are considering going boating with your children and other family members...


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