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Reduce Your Maintenance Costs by Giving Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change

Of all the fluids that operate inside your engine, motor oil is the one most responsible for the smooth and safe operation. Its purpose is to lubricate the small, metal components in the motor and works to combat friction. In addition to making your engine parts operate smoothly, it can also reduce your engine temperature. If your engine operated without this fluid, it would quickly incur wear and damage, and would eventually cease to operate. Synthetic oil has been scientifically designed to provide lubrication for your engine parts for a period longer than conventional oil. However, it doesn't last forever and will gradually degrade. When this happens, your mechanic likely gives your car an oil change which can add a significant amount to your bill. While you can't get around changing your oil, did you know that you can do it yourself? In this blog, your local AMSOIL dealer - VipaSynthetics has written an easy to follow guide which explains how you can save money on your mechanic bill by doing your own synthetic oil change.

Get Your Oil Ready

The first thing to do is to warm up your existing oil so that it flows out easily. The best way to do this is to run your car for a few minutes. Be sure not to run it for too long as it can heat up your oil too much and cause burns. Once this is done, park your car on a flat surface and use blocks behind your rear wheels to prevent the car rolling. This is an important safety precaution, and if you don't have blocks, do not perform the following steps. To test that your car is secure, push against the front of your car and rock it in an attempt to move it. Once you are certain that your car is secure and will not move, follow the guide in your owner's manual to locate the jacking points, and slowly raise the front of your car with a mechanical jack. Once the car has been jacked up and it is safe and secure, locate the oil drain port and place a large plastic container underneath. The purpose of this container is to collect the oil which will flow out, so be sure you don't choose one too small for the task.

Drain the Oil

With this in place, lift the hood of your car and open the oil cap. This is the cap which you remove to top-up your oil supply. Take care when doing this as it could still be hot. With protective gloves, look underneath your car to locate the oil pan and the drain plug. If you can't easily locate it, your owner's manual should help. Safely remove the oil plug with a wrench until oil begins to drain out. Leave your oil to drain for several minutes to ensure that there is none left in the pan. Once you are certain that no more oil can be drained, use your wrench to replace the drain plug securely. The next steps require a new oil filter and bottle of synthetic oil. Call your local AMSOIL dealer - VipaSynthetics at (718) 948-6384 to get the best suited oil filter and synthetic oil for your synthetic oil change.

Change Your Oil Filter

The next step in the process is to remove and replace your oil filter. Your oil filter should be visibly identifiable, but if you can't see it, check your owner's manual. Once you have located it, with your gloves still on, carefully unscrew it. Keep in mind that it is likely to still contain oil which can be hot. Take your new oil filter and lubricate the gasket ring with a small amount of oil, then insert and screw the new oil filter. The reason for lubricating the gasket ring is to help create a better seal.

Time for New Oil

Now it's time to give your engine new oil. You owner's manual can advise how much oil is required by your engine, so check before you start pouring as too much oil can lead to engine damage. Once you know how much to use, pour it into your engine and replace the cap when complete. Before you proceed, be sure that you have removed any and all tools which you used during this process. Once there are no tools around your car or inside your engine, close the hood and turn on your engine. The oil light will likely turn on for a few seconds until your new oil begins to flow, at which point it will turn off.

Make Sure You Use the Right Products During a Synthetic Oil Change in West Brighton

When giving your engine a synthetic oil change, it's important that you use the right oil filter and the right type of engine oil. If you don't know which is right for your engine, call your local AMSOIL dealer - VipaSynthetics at (718) 948-6384 and ask which products are right for your synthetic oil change.


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