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What Are the Damages That Extreme Temperatures Can Cause and How Can a Synthetic Oil Change in Staten Island Help?

From the moment you’re old enough to get your licence, right through to the moment you get your first car, the one thing that everybody keeps telling you is to do everything that you can to keep your engine running cool. Whether it’s keeping your water tanks and radiator full or utilizing a high-quality engine coolant, the message has always been consistent - Keep your engine cool! While this message is important and should be taken seriously, many everyday drivers just like yourselves aren’t given much information as to why they need to keep doing this, which can often lead to a more relaxed attitude, and inevitably engine damage. If you’re looking for a bit more information on why you are always keeping your eyes on the temperature gauge, Amsoil Dealer - VipaSynthetics has a bit of information to help you out.

What's Inside Your Engine?

The best way to explain heat related engine damage in more detail is to explain what’s actually inside your engine. If you were to view a cross section of your engine it would all come down to one main point: small and large metal components that slide up and clash against each other. Pistons move up and down, valves release and close, cogs turn, all with the purpose of keeping you going. While your engine can do this unassisted, it can’t do it for very long without serious damage and ultimately seizing (permanently breaking down). To help it along to not only reduce the risk of damage but to allow it to function, a thin fluid runs through your engine, clinging to each of these parts with two main purposes.
  • Protecting each part from damage as they clash by clinging to each component to form a barrier.
  • Facilitate a smooth motion to give you the performance your engine was designed for.
For cars that are running at their optimum and providing the best performance they can, this fluid is often a high-quality synthetic oil based lubricant. With purpose designed additives included during the refinement process, synthetic oil based lubricants offer a high-quality level of protection that resists extreme heat. If you’re interested in learning more or just want to protect your engine from the heat, speak with Amsoil Dealer - VipaSynthetics at (718) 948-6384 and ask which AMSOIL synthetic oil product is best suited for you.

What Happens to an Engine That Operates Without Synthetic Oil?

With the included additives in a high-quality synthetic oil, heat isn’t really a concern. However if it’s been a while since you changed your oil or you’re using a conventional based oil the level of concern is much higher. When a conventional oil based lubricant encounters the level of heat that runs through your engine, it causes the conventional oil to become thin and a process called oxidization occurs. When this happens, conventional oils break down and two main things can occur:
  • Lower quality additives that may have been included separate from the oil itself and begin to accumulate throughout your engine, interrupting its smooth process and reducing your performance.
  • The oil becomes thin, reducing its ability to remain stuck to your engine’s parts and reducing the barrier it once formed. This leaves your engine to operate without sufficient lubrication.
When the first problem occurs, the small spaces that your engine parts have to interact become clogged with deposit buildup. When this occurs, parts such as your pistons aren’t able to complete their full cycle, resulting in a reduction in performance. While only slight at first, as your engine keeps running this quickly becomes noticeable and often times irreparable. When the conventional oil inside your engine becomes thin, the once sticky bond that it had on your parts begins to wane, leaving your engine to run unprotected. When this occurs, each metal part is forced to interact without a barrier, meaning metal hits against metal at high speeds and under high pressure. As this occurs, small pieces or shards begin to chip away, greatly reducing the lifespan of each engine as it happens.

Eliminate Heat Related Damage With a Full Synthetic Oil Change in Staten Island

If you’re a little nervous about driving your car during the heat after reading this information - don’t be. The truth is that your engine was designed to operate under these conditions, it just wasn't designed to do it alone or with an inferior level of protection. To keep your engine protected, a simple full synthetic oil change in Staten Island is all that’s needed with a product designed to keep your engine running better and for longer. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - VipaSynthetics at (718) 948-6384 and let us know the driving conditions you regularly encounter. Able to choose from an extensive range of high-quality synthetic oil based products, Amsoil Dealer - VipaSynthetics are your best bet for getting the most out of a full synthetic oil change in Staten Island.


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