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Summer Travel Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

The time of year we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – summer!! And that means vacations! Perhaps you’re planning on visit relatives in another state; maybe you spend your summers at the beach house, or perhaps you and some friends are getting together for a real American Road Trip. Whatever your motivation for traveling, it’s important to make sure that your vehicle is up to the job before your set off. You wouldn’t want to end up stuck on some highway in the middle of nowhere! In this article AMSOIL Dealer – Vipasynthetics would like to share our summer travel vehicle maintenance checklist.

Check Your Battery

A classic problem that has happened to the vast majority of us. You head out to meet your friends, park up your car and head off to have dinner, play soccer, etc. When you get back to your car, it won’t start, and the lights won’t even turn on. The most likely culprit under the hood is the battery. The battery is responsible for providing electricity for lights, radios, windows, etc. but also to set off the initial ignition. Without a functioning battery, your car won’t start. Before setting off on any long journey, test your battery’s voltage with a voltmeter. If it reads lower than 12.2, your battery needs charging before you set off.

Change Up Your Oil

Engine oil is crucial as it provides lubrication and protection to your engine. This reduces heat and friction, as well as damage from wear and tear. Synthetic oil works better than conventional oil at a wider range of temperatures. It also provides superior, longer lasting protection against corrosion. Engine oil should regularly be changed, especially before long journeys. Before this journey, to provide the best possible protection to your engine, call your local AMSOIL Dealer – Vipasynthetics at (718) 948-6384 and get the right product to give your car a synthetic oil change. You’ll feel the difference in your engine’s performance.

Top Up Your Tires

You should never set off on a long journey without checking your tire pressure first. Look in the user manual for your car’s specific make and model to find out the ideal pressure for your tires. Maintaining your tires at optimum pressure increases fuel efficiency, and decreases the likelihood of rupture due to uneven wear. Bridgestone Tires note that uneven tire pressure can lead to uneven tire wear. You should always keep a spare tire in a secure location in your vehicle, along with appropriate tools so that you can easily and quickly change a broken tire, without having to wait for roadside assistance.

Give Your Car A Brake

Functioning brakes are crucial for a safe trip. If your brakes are not working correctly when you set off, you are putting yourself, your passengers and other at risk of an accident. Brakes take a huge amount of strain every time you use your vehicle, and as a result, they gradually wear out over time. If you have heard a high-pitched squeak when you touch the brakes or have noticed increased braking distances, it’s time to get your brakes checked and possibly replace the brake pads.

Check Your Engine Temperature

If your engine overheats and cannot cool down, it will eventually stop working; you will lose power, and you may not be able to start your vehicle again without repairing some of the engine’s components. This is particularly likely when driving long distances during hot summer weather. If you’ve noticed your engine getting particularly hot, or if you’ve noticed steam coming from under the hood, you should check the cooling system. Have a look at the radiator – fill the coolant reservoir, clean the radiator blades if necessary and ensure that the fan belt is in good working order.

Check the System for Leaks

Next, have a look at the thermostat to see if it is responding correctly to changes in temperature. Sometimes the thermostat valves get stuck, and they do not allow enough coolant liquid through to cool the engine effectively. If this is the case, you may need to replace your thermostat.

Get Your Engine Road Trip Ready with a Synthetic Oil Change in Staten Island

Using a high-quality synthetic engine oil reduces the friction in your engine and as a result, the risk of overheating. The best way to protect your engine from overheating, as well as gradual wear and tear, is to upgrade your oil with a synthetic oil change. Call your local Amsoil Dealer – Vipasynthetics today (718) 948-6384 to find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change.


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