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Don't Let Your Motorcycle Overheat This Summer!

With summer just around the corner and temperatures rising, it’s great to get out on the open road and enjoy the warmer weather on your motorcycle. However, this warmer weather can be damaging to your bike’s engine and can even cause it to overheat. The engine overheating can lead to a loss of power, which can be frustrating and leave you stranded on the highway, but the real trouble starts after this point when you could end up with a hole in the piston and a massive mechanic’s bill. Fortunately, the experts at Amsoil Dealer – Vipasynthetics have put together a list of tips to help avoid letting your motorcycle engine overheat.

Get off to a Good Start

When setting off on your ride, you should start off slowly to allow your engine to heat up gradually and the engine oil to begin to circulate. This will give your engine a gentle warm-up and avoid a big ‘shock’ to the system.

Check Your Cooling System

There are two main types of cooling systems for motorbike engines – liquid cooling and air cooling. Each system has positives and negatives. Liquid cooling systems are less noisy than air cooling systems, but air cooling systems tend to be less expensive. Whatever the cooling system of your motorbike engine, make sure to check that it is in perfect working order. Liquid coolant levels should be checked and replenished before any long rides, and there should be a free flow of air to your engine with no obstructions. Liquid coolants can cause a build-up of residue in your engine over time which can make it more likely to overheat. Ensure to have your coolant fully changed at least every two years by a professional mechanic.

Upgrade Your Oil

The quality of your engine oil can affect how your engine reacts to heat. It lubricates the engine, reducing friction and therefore heat production. Traditional oils begin to break down when temperatures increase, meaning that they are not fully able to lubricate the engine, increasing friction and therefore heat in a vicious cycle. More sophisticated, synthetic oils are designed to maintain excellent function at higher temperatures, meaning that they provide better protection for your engine. Traditional oils are also more likely to leave deposits in your engine that further increase friction and decrease functionality, making overheating even more likely. Synthetic oils can be more costly than traditional oils, but the money that you will save on roadside assistance, replacing parts of your engine and mechanics fees far outweigh the initial cost difference. Prepare for your synthetic oil change in Brooklyn with the experts near Brooklyn, Amsoil Dealer – Vipasynthetics today by calling (718) 948-6384 and feel the difference in your engine’s performance and heat-resistance.

Check Your Brakes and Clutch

Any issues with the brakes and clutch of your vehicle will cause more friction and put added strain on your engine, making it more likely to overheat and cause problems. Adjust your brakes before any long rides and make sure to have your bike regularly checked by a certified bike mechanic.

Check Your Speed

On long rides on hot days, try not to ride at high speeds continuously. This isn’t meant to ruin your fun, just to give your engine a bit of break and a chance to cool down in between periods of high speed.

Check Your Carburetor

The settings of your motorcycle’s carburetor can affect the amount of heat created in the engine. Carburetors can become damaged over time due to various reasons – dirt and residues can build up; they can be incorrectly adjusted; they can also be affected by altitude – a bike designed to run well at sea level will release too much fuel at higher altitudes due to lower air density. Have your bike serviced regularly by an expert to avoid these issues.

What Not to Do

Don’t ever try to cool a hot engine by throwing water on it. This can cause the metal to crack and cause a huge amount of damage to your bike’s components. The best way to cool a hot engine is to turn off your bike and wait for the engine to cool down naturally, or avoid overheating in the first place by following the tips from this article! Don’t forget, the best way to protect your engine is with a synthetic oil change near you in Brooklyn. Call Amsoil Dealer - Vipasynthetics today at (718) 948-6384 to get your bike on the right track to running smoother.


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