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How to Change the Synthetic Oil in Your Vehicle Expertly

Think you know all about how to change your oil? Perhaps you do, but here are some tricks of the trade from professional mechanics that will make your job a bit easier and safer. Continue reading the ones mentioned below so you can perform this crucial routine maintenance job expertly so your vehicle and its components can continue working as expected.

Too Hot!

You want to let your car run for about 5 minutes before changing the oil, but wait for it to cool down if your engine runs for any longer than that.

Mark the Filter

Consult your manual for the number of turns you need to make to correctly tighten the filter. Too loose, and the gasket will not seal. Too tight, and the gasket could crumple. Either way, you will end up with gas on your floor. When putting on a new oil filter, mark the 12 o'clock position with a white marker so you can count the number of rotations you make. And always screw your filter in by hand. A filter wrench is only for removing filters, and will easily puncture a new filter.

Fixed Wrench Size

Find out the exact wrench size to use on your drain plug, usually in millimeters, and get a wrench of that size. Using an adjustable wrench or socket can strip your drain plug head and make it much more difficult to remove.

Losing Track

Line up the bottles of oil you will need and replace them when emptied so that you know how much you have put in. It is easy to lose count, especially if you get distracted.

Jack It Up

Do not rely on a jack to prop up your car. Also use jack stands. A simple nudge of the jack, and your car will land on top of you. Be extra safe.


Do not just throw your used oil away. Use to find an oil recycling center near you. Keep the world clean.

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