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Get the Most Our of Your Sports Car With a Full Synthetic Oil Change in Brooklyn

Choosing the right car for you can come to a multitude of reasons and decisions. How many doors do you want or need? What kind of driving are you going to be doing? How many people will you need to fit in, whether it be a small family or one you’re looking to grow in the near future. What about your friends? How are they all going to fit? These are just some of the questions that have likely run through your mind during your decision making. But what about you? During all of this thought was there one car type of car that just stood out from the rest? One type of car, that despite people telling you that it may not be for you, just attracted you to it in a way you couldn’t explain? For this post, Amsoil Dealer - VipaSynthetics has put together a bit of information to share with you about owning and maintaining a type of car that is often looked by many car owners who secretly wish they went with their gut feeling and bought - A sports car.

What Makes a Sports Car Different?

When you think about your daily drives, it’s usually a short drive to the shops, run some errands, get some friends and head to the beach for a short road trip weekend. While these are all very possible with a sports car, the driving style and speed (always safe and never over the limit) are likely to be different.


The light goes green - the family van next to you gently rolls off the line while the standard sedan on the other side picks up a little quicker…but by this time you’re already across the lights and well into your journey. Not through fast or unsafe driving, simply because your sports car is likely to just get you to the speed limit faster than the rest. Now while this faster acceleration isn’t bad if done safely, it does mean a little extra strain on your engine in s away that regular family sedans may not have to deal with.

What Happens When You Hit the Gas Pedal

Once the light goes green and you put your foot down, the internal parts of a sports engine, similar to a regular engine are going to move and interact with each other for the sole purpose of getting you moving. The difference however with a sports car that this is all going to happen much quicker, which leaves less time for your engine to get ready.

Helping Your Engine Ready for the Start

Back in the day before sports cars were prevalent and people made smaller drives in more favourable environmental conditions, conventional oil was able to do a basic job. However with the advancements in automotive technology and the introduction of performance based sports cars, the requirements have become more than it can handle. For sports car owners and performance car enthusiasts, keeping their sports cars protected, the choice is synthetic oil. Designed with sports and performance engines in mind, synthetic oil forms a strong bond around the components in your engine, creating a barrier that allows a more fluid interaction, which directly translates into a faster and more smooth operating engine. Finding the right synthetic oil product for your (now or potentially new) sports car is easy. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - VipaSynthetics on (718) 948-6384 and let us know what you’re looking at buying or what you already have, and we can let you know the products that can help. If you prefer to do the research yourself, check out our online store for an extensive range of products that can give your sports car just what it needs to operate smoothly.

Higher Than Average Temperatures

Of Course, an increase in power doesn’t come without other challenges. With the extra power comes a higher operating temperature. For regular motorists, adding coolants and additives to their fuel and oil sources can be a great way to decrease the heat through their engines, however that isn’t always sufficient for a sports car. With the included additives in AMSOIL synthetic oil, synthetic oil is able to maintain its structure during these higher than average operating temperatures, meaning it can continue to provide your sports car with the same benefits as if you had poured it into a regular sedan. To accompany this, the designed nature of synthetic oil sees it able to transfer heat through your engine more efficiently, leading to all all-round and overall reduction in temperatures. While you may not see the big difference between one or two bars on your engine temperature gauge, your engine does, along with your gas pedal.

Arrange Your Full Synthetic Oil Change in Brooklyn

Giving your sports car the protection it needs to not only perform to its capacity, but extend its lifespan doesn't mean you have to be a mechanic, it just means getting the right advice and products. Speak with a synthetic oil expert at Amsoil Dealer - VipaSynthetics on (718) 948-6384 and speak with us about how AMSOIL synthetic oil can improve the performance and lifespan of your sports car. Of course, it isn't just your sports car that can benefit from synthetic oil. Speak with us about your motorcycle, boat or even lawnmower and how they too can benefit from a full synthetic oil change in Brooklyn.


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