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If you were to gather all of the receipts you receive from your regular visits to the mechanic then you are likely to see one recurring charge - a synthetic oil change. While you’re sure it’s essential, do you really know why? In this article you will learn about the basic of how an engine works and why your mechanic keeps performing a synthetic oil change.

Learn Why Your Motor Oil Needs to Be Changed

The way that modern cars are designed, everyday motorist such as yourself doesn’t need to know everything there it to know about how your engine works and what happens when things go wrong. There are, however, a few important parts of your car which an everyday motorist can have a basic working knowledge of. These include your brakes, radiator, and your motor oil. The latter is what this article from VipaSynthetics will provide information on.

Let's Start at the Top. Well, Actually the Middle.

And by middle we mean the middle of your car’s engine. If you were to cut away your engine into a cross section diagram then you would see numerous metal parts, both small and large, performing their task for the sole purpose of keeping your car moving in whichever direction you choose. While each task is different, with some parts spinning around and other parts moving up and down, they all interact with each other. It is this interaction which has the potential to cause you damage, and this interaction that compels your mechanic to give your vehicle a synthetic oil change each time you visit. Keeping with the very rudimentary description above, imagine these parts working under extreme amounts of pressure and at high temperatures. As you can likely imagine, this doesn’t make for good news when friction starts to build up. When these parts slide and grind against each other, the friction not only limits their ability to operate, but it also results in small fragments being ground away from each part. In turn, this friction put a very quick stop to your engine’s ability to do its job. To remove this friction and promote healthy engine performance, there is a product which not only runs through your engine as it operates, but also provides a protective barrier around each individual part. This product is the very same product your mechanic is using during a synthetic oil change - motor oil. The type of vehicle you drive determines the type of engine fluid that runs through your engine. AMSOIL’s Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil is a good example of a general purpose motor oil, however there are plenty more available on Vipa Synthetic’s online store, along with additional information about which engine they are best suited to. If you aren’t sure which is the right one for you and your engine, don’t take a risk and potentially cause damage to your vehicle. Give Vipa Synthetics a call at (718) 948-6384 and speak with an expert.

Now to Why Your Mechanic Keeps Changing It

While synthetic oil outperforms conventional oil for durability and lifespan, it doesn’t last forever. Over time, the above-mentioned conditions inside your engine cause motor oil to break down and lose its ability to provide the comprehensive level of protection it once afforded. Once this protection is gone, you are left with an engine that essentially starts to cause damage to itself. The very same damaging friction mentioned earlier in this article. By performing a synthetic oil change in Staten Island, NY on your vehicle, your mechanic is essentially draining out the aged oil and replacing it with new engine blood to help it perform at its best. Without these changes, including your everyday top-ups, your engine would cease to operate and you would be left with a very shiny yet very expensive garage warmer.

Use Only the Best Synthetic Oil in Your Car

Products such as high quality AMSOIL synthetic oil are not limited to mechanics. These engine fluids are available to all motorists via Vipa Synthetic’s website, or by speaking with a synthetic oil change expert by calling Vipa Synthetics at (718) 948-6384 and placing an order. If you notice that your oil levels are low, instead of using conventional oil, make the switch to a high quality synthetic oil which can not only outperform conventional oil at lubricating your engine, but will also last you noticeably longer.


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