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Whether you chose to learn on a dirt bike or a road bike, the decision you made gave you a type of motoring freedom which car owners rarely feel. However, if you chose to first ride a road bike, you may be feeling that your freedom is becoming limited to sealed roads, and you are yearning for some off-road adventure. If that’s the case, a dirt bike can be just what you’re looking for.

How to Adjust to Riding a Dirt Bike

While the general idea is the same, in that the vehicle has two wheels and an engine propels it forward, the style and way in which a rider operates a dirt bike is vastly different to their road based counterpart. To get you started on the way to dirt bike riding, VipaSynthetics has some information to read before getting on your first dirt bike.

Safety Gear

The first place for any road or dirt bike rider to start is with safety gear. And while the fundamental of protecting the rider is the same, the clothing is not always. For example, as you will read below, riders need more room to move their limbs. This requires different styles and cuts of dirt bike safety clothing to allow this level of movement. Similarly, dirt bike helmets are also purpose-designed to allow the use of goggles and to provide a small amount of sun protection. The best way to get the right gear is to get the right gear! Head to your local motorcycle store and see what dirt bike alternatives are available.

Standing Start

Imagine that you’ve been waiting at the traffic lights for a while, and you are becoming impatient. As soon as you are clear to go, you turn the throttle to full and away you go. This is largely thanks to the sealed road which is providing consistent grip. On the dirt track, however, it’s a different story. Road bike riders moving to a dirt bike can find it challenging to learn how to read the terrain they are riding on and adjust their standing start throttle amount. The best advice is to take is slow and practice. While it may mean a few stumbles during your first tries, learning from your (traction-less) mistakes is the best way to gauge your throttle speed in the future. Both road bikes and dirt bikes need basic maintenance which can be done at home by everyday riders. To make sure you are using the best products during your at-home servicing, speak with VipaSynthetics at (718) 948-6384 and ask about the range of purpose designed motorcycle motor oils and engine lubricants.

Regular Maintenance

On the subject of maintenance, many road bike owners are surprised by the level of maintenance they need to provide to a dirt bike. An air filter, for example, is an item which a road bike owner may change every three to six months. A dirt bike owner, however, could see themselves cleaning out their air filter weekly, or even daily. Similarly, depending on its use, a synthetic oil change is also something which a dirt bike rider will see themselves performing more often. These are other additional servicing requirements shouldn’t be a deterrent to getting yourself on a dirt bike, however, it is good to know what you are getting yourself into before you put down a large chunk of money on a new toy.

Keeping Your Balance

A sealed road generally means a consistent road level with minimal disruptions or sharp inclines. This makes it relatively easy for a road bike rider to stay upright. Of course, on a dirt track or curvy path, keeping your balance while sitting on on a bike isn’t the easiest task. This is the very reason you will often see dirt bike riders standing up almost straight, using their pegs as support. While it may seem strange to watch, it affords the riders the ability to maneuver the bike and their body more easily, giving them greater control over their balance. This is particularly beneficial when riding over jumps and around and through tight corners and spaces.


You're probably wondering how gear changes can be different on a dirt bike. And while the mechanism is the same, it’s the timing and forethought that change. When riding on a road, there is really only the regular gearing up until you reach your cruising speed, and then remaining in that gear until it’s time to stop at the next set of traffic lights. On a dirt bike, however, riders need to be constantly looking ahead at the track and its conditions, and assess which gear they will need to engage, and when to have it ready. If the rider miscalculates and chooses the wrong gear, it could mean a lack of torque when it is needed. This can either land the rider on their back because of too much torque, or on their side in a mud pond because of too little. All of this needs to happen while the rider is already changing their gears and maneuvering their bike for the terrain they are currently on. It can appear like a large challenge at first, however, after practice, it becomes second nature. The trick, just like all of the adjustments, is practice. Find a space or a small track which requires you to constantly speed up and slow down

Keep Your Road Bike and Dirt Bike in Top Working Order With a Synthetic Oil Change in Perth Amboy

It doesn’t matter which you have, a road bike or a dirt bike, the engine inside requires maintenance and the constantly checking and topping up of fluids. To make sure you are using the right product for your style of bike, speak with VipaSynthetic at (718) 948-6384 and ask about the range of high-quality AMSOIL engine lubricants suited to your ride.


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