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The air filter is a vital part for your engine's function. It keeps the dirt and debris out of the engine and lets the air flow in freely. Just like getting a synthetic oil change in Staten Island, the air filter should be changed with a certain frequency. Today, Vipa Synthetics in Staten Island brings you some information on the benefits of changing your car’s air filter.

Prolong Engine Life

By changing the filter regularly, you are giving your engine a longer life. The air filter’s mission is to trap dirt, bugs, and debris that can damage the internal parts of the engine, like the pistons or cylinders. The engine is so delicate that even a grain of sand could cause damage that can lead to costly repairs.

Inexpensive and Quick

Air filters are one of the least expensive parts to replace, and you can even do it yourself. You should consult your owner’s manual to get the exact filter for your car model. Remember that for modern cars the air filter is rectangular and it’s enclosed in rectangle shaped plastic container with clips and screws keeping it shut. In older vehicles, the filter is round and located in a round metal housing.

Fuel Efficiency

When the air filter is clean, it lets more air to flow into the engine. The engine has a better performance because it doesn’t have to work as hard, which in return saves fuel and your economy. Also, having a clean, unclogged air filter allows your car to accelerate even more.

Easy Tracking

The owner’s manual will tell you when it’s the best time to change the filter. Generally it should be every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, or earlier if you’ve been driving in dusty roads.

For a High Quality Synthetic Oil in Staten Island

Go ahead and give your car a full service. Get an oil filter change and an AMSOIL synthetic oil change in TRGET as well. You won’t regret it! Call Vipa Synthetics in Staten Island at: (718) 948-6384 for all your AMSOIL automotive needs. You can also look through the online store to place an order.


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