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Whether it's airbags around the entire car or automated technology that changes lanes and parks for you; If you have watched a car commercial recently then you have likely seen a million and one safety features listed off quicker than you can keep up! Motorcycles, however, are a different story.

How to Stay Safe as a Motorcyclist

If you are interested in becoming a rider, then your first step is to understand how to stay safe while riding, considering none of the fancy safety features on television will protect you. This post from Vipa Synthetics aims to help a new rider choose the right safety gear.

Start with the Most Important Item - Your Head

In an accident, the most fragile part of your body is going to be your head. For this reason, it's important to pay attention to more than just design and decals.
  • First, it's the law! Secondly, in an accident, it can save the most important part of your body. If your first thought is that you will be riding your new bike without a helmet, then your second thought should be to sell your bike.
  • When researching online, look through online enthusiast forums for information aimed at beginners. The best people to learn from are riders who have done it all before.
  • It can be tempting to save money and buy online; however, a motorcycle helmet has to have the perfect fit. Otherwise, it won't do it job when it matters. Once you've narrowed down your choices through research, head into a store for a professional fitting.
The performance of your bike relies on the quality of the products you use during your maintenance. Speak with Vipa Synthetics at (718) 948-6384 and ask about the range of AMSOIL engine lubricants available for your bike.

Motorcycle Jacket Is Next

Do you see that nice fashionable denim jacket that's hanging in your closet, just begging you to take it out on your bike like a movie star? It's time to have the talk that it's never going to happen. In an accident, a purpose designed motorcycle jacket is what will save your skin.
  • Like all products, you are going to get what you pay for. This isn't to say that you should get the most expensive jacket you can, but it does mean that things like stitching and material quality can determine how well it can protect you in an accident.
  • Motorcycle jackets, by design, will have some type of reinforcements through the sleeve, elbow, and potentially the shoulders.
    • Reinforce plastic armor is going to be the best choice in favor or built up material
    • Pay attention to whether the jacket is waterproof or just water-resistant. Waterproof will see you home dry and comfortable during a heavy pour, while a water-resistant jacket is fine for a light rain.
    • Air conditioning isn't a luxury included with a motorcycle, so it's up to a rider's jacket to handle the task. Make sure the jacket includes breathable technology to keep you comfortable.

Now, It's Time for Motorcycle Pants

Just like the faithful jacket mentioned above, it's time to leave those denim jeans on the runway. To be fully protected on your bike, you're going to need purpose-designed pants.
  • Similar to a motorcycle jacket, different types of reinforcements are used throughout the range of motorcycle pants you will find. Look for the strongest reinforcement you can afford.
  • Again, quality doesn't come cheap. You don't have to buy the most expensive pair of pants you can find, but it's a good idea to spend what you need for safety.
  • Think about what you took in and out of your pant pockets during the last week. All of this will need to happen with your motorcycle pants, so make sure there's plenty of convenient storage.
  • Whether you ride once a day or once a week, you need to be comfortable to pay attention to the road. Choose pants that allow you to sit comfortably and safely on your bike.

Realize Your Instinct

If you were to sit on a chair and lean over to the point of falling, you would instinctively reach out with your hands to take the fall. The very same thing happens in an accident.
  • Look for reinforcements which continue up your wrist.
  • Make sure that you can safely and comfortably reach your levers and handles.
  • Similar to the other items on the list, make sure they will keep the water out during a heavy pour.
  • Once safety items are covered, be sure they are comfortable.

Right down to Your Boots

One of the first parts of your body to become injured in an accident are your feet, so don't even think about riding in those fashionable loafers or sneakers.
  • Take the boots and give them a strong flex. How much they move is an indication of how what will happen to your foot in an accident.
  • Be sure they include ankle support along with regular reinforcements.
  • Remember that you also need to walk in them when it is raining, so look for a strong wet grip.
  • Getting the right size is just as important as each of these items, so head to a store and get fitted.

Keep Your Bike in Good Condition with a Synthetic Oil Change in West Brighton

Once you have all of the right safety gear, be sure to keep your bike in good shape to get the best performance and lifespan out of it. For the best products to use during your regular maintenance, speak with Vipa Synthetics at (718) 948-6384 to learn more about the range of high-quality AMSOIL engine lubricants.


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