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Take Your Dirt Bike out for a Spin

Well, you finally purchased that dirt bike you always wanted and took it out for a spin. Now you want to make sure you maintain that tip-top condition, so it’s ready for the next ride. Like any motor vehicle, with some general preventive maintenance, you can both minimize costly trips to the shop and maximize your time spent exploring the great outdoors!

Buy a New Air Filter

Just like you, your bike needs fresh air to maximize its performance. Allow it to breath clean by frequently changing your air filter and unclogging your pipes. A dirty air filter invites particles such as dirt or rocks inside, where they can cause damage and even breakage to any moving part, so replace dirty air filters regularly. Frequently checking your pipes will also keep your engine from having to work extra hard to remove any clogs, which diminishes power and may potentially damage the overall health of your engine.

Engine Fluids

All the moving components to your bike need lubrication to keep your machine efficient and safe. Keep your bike chain, as well as your bearings and cables, nice and lubricated to prevent rusting. A lack of lubrication of your bearings may also cause your bearings to seize, stopping your bars and wheels from turning. Your valves will naturally tighten up a bit over time, so adjust them frequently to prevent too much damage from excess heat. And don’t forget to change your bike oil! Changing your bike oil removes any old oil that has accumulated contaminates and moisture, thereby diminishing the overall effectiveness of your bike. New oil keeps the insides nice and cool.

Give it a Wash

While you may refer to it as your "dirt bike", this doesn't mean that you shouldn't wash your motorcycle every now and then. Not just for maintaining its cosmetic exterior, giving your bike a proper wash removes any dirt or sand that may be interfering with any moving parts. That's why this is a crucial routine maintenance step that you should follow if you want to keep your motorcycle working properly for a long time.

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Do you have further questions about maintaining your dirt bike? Give an AMSOIL professional at VipaSynthetics in Perth Amboy, NJ a call on 718 948 6384 so we can help you find the right products to prolong the lifecycle of your bike. You'll find that using AMSOIL synthetic oil in Perth Amboy, NJ, along with the other top-of-the-line products AMSOIL has to offer for your vehicle, will help keep it protected, well-maintained, and working better than ever.


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