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Choosing the Right Battery

If your all-terrain vehicle isn't a dirt bike but a four-wheeler, you'll probably be tempted to add all sorts of accessories to it, like LED bars... however, those need power. Here at VipaSynthetics we have some suggestions for picking the best battery to get the most juice out of your accessories.

Why an AGM?

While your accessories can feed from the alternator and the stock battery, it's best to change the original with an absorbed glass mat (hence the AGM) one. The difference between this one and stock batteries is that while the latter have sulphuric acids filling the cells to generate electricity, an AGM replaces the acid with fiberglass material that has electrolytes that generate the necessary reactions; thus, it won't spill any liquid and will be secure.

Terms to Know

The following are terms that will tell you what to look for when picking the AGM that works best for you.
  • CCA: Or Cold Cranking Amperes, they mean the amount of electrical charge a battery can deliver at -18°C or 0°F.
  • HCA: Hot Cranking Amperes, they're the amount of electrical current a battery provides at 26.7°C or 80°F.
  • CA: Cranking Amperes, also known as Marine Cranking Amperes or MCA, is the amount of electricity a battery delivers with a temperature of 0°C or 32°F.
  • BCI size: Battery Council International size, it's the one that specifies dimensions such as width, height and length of the battery.

Get the Most out of Your ATV

For the best performance, pair your new battery with the best synthetic oil in Staten Island, AMSOIL. VipaSynthetics are the best providers of AMSOIL Oil in Staten Island, as well as pros in all matters ATV related. Ring VipaSynthetics at 718 948 6384.


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