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What to Pack When Sailing

There's nothing more peaceful and fun than taking your boat out on the bay and making a day out of it. However, that peace can easily go away if something malfunctions or a mishap occurs. If you are considering going boating with your children and other family members and friends, VipaSynthetics in Brooklyn, NY suggests taking the following items with you so that you're prepared for what may happen when you're out on the sea. Hopefully, by taking these things with you, your nice boat ride can become even better.

Extra Dock Lines

It's always better to have extra rope handy in case the one you normally use breaks when arriving at the dock to tie the ship.

A Tool Kit

Always carry on board a compact tool kit with hammers, screwdrivers, wire cutters and other instruments you might need for unexpected situations. Be sure to include things like duct tape, twist ties, heavy cord and other supplements as well.

A First Aid Kit

This should be a must in any boat. Always keep your first aid kit with the necessary supplies. If you aren't sure what those are, the American Red Cross website has a guideline available here.

Water Bottles

It's paramount to have plenty of water available to drink on board in case you spend longer than you thought offshore, or if the climate gets too hot. Keep your bottles of water stored somewhere cool and fresh.

A Spare Propeller and Prop Wrench

The equivalent of carjacks and spare tires, prop wrenches and spare propellers will get you out of trouble if your propeller is rendered useless for any reason.


Food can be a welcome addition to your trip. Pack light things like bags of chips, granola bars or cookies, so you and your children can enjoy them if you get hungry while you're having a day sailing on the bay.

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